Relationships & Marriage God's Way

“Relationships & Marriage w/ The Gibbs” is a platform dedicated to fostering healthy intimate relationships and promoting marriage based on Christian principles. The aim is to provide guidance, support, and resources to couples who seek to strengthen their relationships and marriages by aligning their lives and interactions with biblical teachings.


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Join us for the Annual Christian Concert and Community Day in Baltimore, MD, hosted by TTCMD and The Commission 2818. Come together as we lift up the name of JESUS Christ in a powerful celebration of faith, community, and unity.


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TTCMD Academic Scholarship

Our scholarship program is designed to provide scholars and future leaders with the opportunity to alleviate the financial burdens of college tuition while earning their degrees.

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About Us

The Training Center MD was birthed out of a challenging marriage, individual brokenness, and a deep desire to grow closer to God. Amidst the chaos and confusion, we recognized that life had more to offer than what we were experiencing. Despite our disagreements, we were united in our determination to fulfill God’s calling in our lives and our marriage. We sensed a great calling on our lives, but never anticipated starting a marriage ministry.

Today, we are partnered with The Marriage Village and The Commission to conduct marriage conferences, power-shops, and counseling sessions, where we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in doing marriage God’s way.

In addition to our marriage ministry, we host bi-weekly online sessions called “Relationships and Marriage with The Gibbs,” an annual Jesus Live Concert, and the TTCMD Academic Scholarship program for high school seniors and college undergraduates.

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Congratulations to our TTCMD Scholarship Award Winners!!!

Tyaishia D.

Congrats 2022 Winner!!!

Tyaishia D.

Major: Biology

Janae J.

Major: Culinary Arts

Klya J.

Major: Kinesiology

Starr W.

Major: Nursing

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